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Crypto Desk in Dubai with doorstep delivery and price match guarantee

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Koto Crypto in an OTC Proprietary Desk Trading that let users buy and sell USDT in cash, trade USDT in cash

OTC Proprietary Desk Trading

Koto Proprietary Desk Trading provides cheapest, instant and secure transactions for crypto conversion to cash and cash conversion to crypto at our OTC Crypto Desk in Dubai

Koto Crypto’s Bitcoin Shop, exchange bitcoin with cash, buy and sell bitcoin with cash, trade bitcoin in cash

Price Match Guarantee

Koto Crypto’s OTC Desk provides the best price in the market and assures you of the same with its price match guarantee. Simply book your appointment and visit our crypto shop


Doorstep Delivery

First time in Dubai, now get Consultation and OTC services at your Doorstep. Connect with us and convert your cryptos with cash or get crypto consultation at the comfort of your place.


How Crypto Conversion to Cash Works

We convert major cryptocurrencies, like USDT, Bitcoin and more, to cash and cash to cryptos, based on current Binance Spot prices and lowest commission rates in Dubai. All you need to do is call Koto Crypto OTC Exchange for an appointment and then visit our OTC Crypto Desk in Dubai to convert your crypto into cash or cash into crypto instantly. Or you may opt for a Doorstep Delivery and our representative will visit and help you exchange the cryptos in cash, The transaction time does not take more than 10 mins and your identity will remain secured. Checkout more about our OTC Crypto Desk

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Benefits of trading at Koto Crypto Shop

Trade in cash and not stable coins or any other cryptos. Buy and sell cryptos like USDT, Bitcoin and more with cash.

Koto Crypto’s Over-the-Counter (OTC) Crypto Desks let crypto traders do the trading in an environment that is independent from a regular Proprietary Desk Trading. Our OTC Proprietary Desk Trading lets you overcome issues like low liquidity, third-party involvement and more.

Koto Crypto’s OTC Proprietary Desk Trading lets traders do the transactions with complete security and control.

OTC trading at Koto Crypto is a one-to-one affair. Identity, communications and transactions are kept secured. Customers can conduct their transactions without any worries or risks.

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies through Koto Crypto’s OTC Crypto Desk reduces the risks of price surges at the time of transaction

OTC trading gives buyers and sellers the freedom to conduct direct transactions free from limitations and without any third-party involvement.